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Bespoke Software Design

Bespoke Software Development

Specialising in database development and web applications we can integrate existing systems, design bespoke applications to bolt onto your existing systems or create applications that can be used throughout your organisation to improve processes and productivity.

Our team of skilled software developers will work closely with your organisation to design the software package or system that you require.

When Would You Use A Bespoke Application?

BrightCode's bespoke software development services are ideal for clients who want a tailored application which cannot be fulfilled by an off the shelf product. Bespoke software doesn't have to be expensive and you can have the confidence that we will back our programs up with quality technical support.

Database Development

Having developed some very challenging products for customers and for ourselves we have experience in developing quality database applications. Our school software, e-commerce package and content managed websites are all functioning off databases, as does the work we do with Black & Decker.

Databases form the basis of many software applications and even if you are not looking for a new application we are able to work on your existing system to make the improvements you need.

The majority of our projects involve working with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL.

System Integration

Having 2 systems that are key to your business or organisation but do not talk to each other can be the source of a large headache with no apparent easy way around the problem. The BrightCode software development team is a group of talented individuals who love a challenge. If you're stuck with a problem and need to find a solution but don't know where to start then why not give us a call to see if we can help.

Our recent project to develop "Bright School" our intuitive student record system simply plugs into existing student record systems to provide teachers with powerful information about their pupils.

This is a prime example of where a bespoke application can really enhance productivity and an organisations processes with a good return on investment (ROI).