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Professional E-Commerce websites that deliver results

The BrightCommerce platform written from scratch by our in-house developers combines industry leading software with outside the box thinking.

BrightCode E-Commerce is focused on utilising the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to deliver outstanding search results generating increased traffic. We feel confident that with our knowledge and experience put together we can produce increased sales conversions via upselling / cross selling products, promotion targetting and lots more...

Generating "increased sales" for your business is what we are all about!

Why choose BrightCode for your E-Commerce website?

Our team of skilled web designers, programmers and a dedicated project manager for every client, allows us to create a winning strategy for your business.

Our innovative approach of encompassing creative web design, SEO technology and online marketing techniques gives us the edge over run of the mill e-commerce packages you can buy off the shelf or purchase from other web design companies.

We have a unique approach to our E-commerce strategy. We work purely on a percentage basis of increased sales generated by our package. With no financial risk to yourselves it has to be a win win situation! Our clients earn more the harder we work and so do we.

If you find this hard to believe let our testimonials page do the talking.

What makes our E-Commerce different from other E-Commerce packages?

Generate Increased Sales:
Our advanced software developed by BrightCode allows us to stay ahead of competition. Our e-commerce software ensures that your website will move up the search engine rankings and drive business sales only in one direction - up and up!

Custom Design & Brand Development:
We will produce a bespoke design and can improve and re-brand your business from logo to packaging design, incorporating other marketing materials.

Versatile Marketing Approach:
We can manage all of your email marketing, viral marketing, search marketing and your affiliate marketing.

Becoming A Part Of The Team:
We like to become an integral part of your business, working with you every step of the way to make your online shop succeed. We have the enthusiasm, hunger and committment to deliver which are the main requisites for success.

Need More Reasons?
Why not talk to some of our clients to see for yourself that our unique approach to E-commerce truly works!!

E-Commerce Pricing - How Much It Costs

We believe in our ability to deliver a high quality package that will increase sales from your website. Our pricing plan reflects this and as a result we work with customers on a percentage of increased website sales.

This competitive pricing plan has 3 distinct advantages over standard up front pricing.

  1. Pricing is based only on the percentage of increased sales so we won’t cut into your existing website profits.
  2. With no upfront cost and no set ammount to pay, if the website doesn’t succeed we don’t earn anything. Therefore, it is in both parties interest for the project to succeed.
  3. We have a vested interest in making sure the project delivers so clients can expect 100% dedication towards the project from us. There is no danger of being left with a site that is not performing.

The agreed percentage is open to negotiation depending on the answers to a few simple questions during the quotation process. We then look at these and arrange a meeting to mutually negotiate what level the percentage should be set at. We can even work on a percentage per-product basis.

If however, you aren't happy with this pricing strategy don't let this put you off, contact us via email or call us on 020 8180 8251 and we can discuss your situation further.

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