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Looking To Improve Your Existing E-Commerce Website?

The chances are that if you have come to this page then you already have an existing E-Commerce shop and are looking for ways to improve it's effectiveness and increase sales from it.

At BrightCode we will happily give you a free review of your E-Commerce website and in turn suggest some improvements that could be made. If you should choose to opt for the BrightCode E-Commerce solution remember that we don't charge a penny up front and only work on a percentage of your increased sales so it's a win, win situation for you...

Steps To Reviewing Your Online Shop

These are the areas we will review and make recommendations on:

  1. Review the quality of the websites coding
  2. Review the design and usability of your website
  3. Review your websites organic search rankings
  4. Review 2 of your main competitors
  5. Provide a list of websites that link to your site in comparison to your competitors
  6. Review your current online marketing strategy
  7. Review your online shop strategy such as up selling, cross selling, special offers etc
  8. Provide suggestions to show how BrightCode E-Commerce solves your current issues

What You Can Expect Aferwards

A no obligation review meeting where we can discuss with you the findings of the review and ways in which we would work with you to improve the problem areas. We are confident that our bespoke E-Commerce package will help increase your websites sales.

Should you choose to proceed you can expect the process from start to finish to take 2-3 weeks to get new version of your website fully launched.

What Next

Simply call us today on 020 8180 8251 or email us via our simple web form.