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Monday 23 March 2009

Social Bookmarking

Now available: Social Bookmarking For Your Website !!

Social Bookmarks are essentially the collaborative equivalent of storing favorites or bookmarks within a web browser. Social bookmarking services (like, Digg, Facebook or MySpace) let people store their favorite web sites online so that they can access them anytime and anywhere from a variety of different computers or mobile devices. Users can also share their favorite web sites with other internet users, making social bookmarking a great way to discover new web sites or people who share your interests.

If you want your visitors to flag your web site with popular communities such as Digg, MySpace or Technorati you can make this happen by using our Social Bookmarks module which is now integrated into our Content Management System. Setup is easy and you can customise the sites your users link to from within the module setup screen.

For more information or advice on how to get your website into our content management system or if you are an existing customer who wants to start utilising the new Social Bookmarking tool simply contact us now.

To see our social bookmark software in action visit:

Tuesday 10 March 2009

BrightCode Collaborations

New collaborations with other companies are proving to be a great success.

BrightCode has recently collaborated with The Creative Heads to help produce two small business websites for their clients.

Providing the content management system (CMS), database management, web hosting and email hosting solutions on behalf of The Creative Heads, BrightCode has integrated the creative designs handed over to them straight into the CMS framework with an extremely fast turnaround. On top of this the ever reliable web hosting and email hosting services also being utilised by The Creative Heads clients' who are more than happy with the service they have received.

The Creative Heads were looking for a company to support them with their database and hosting requirements and help take their HTML websites to the next level to give clients full control of the content on their websites. Once produced BrightCode simply handed control back to The Creative Heads so they could manage the project direct with their client making everything work seamless for the actual client.

If you are interested in outsourcing some of your web development services to BrightCode then why not get in touch to discuss things further?

Websites produced with the collaboration this month:

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