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Wednesday 19 August 2009

Goddards Review IT Support Services

Goddards have given BrightCode a fantastic review for the IT Support services they receive. Read below for the details.

BrightCode installed a new server in our office in January 2009. They made sure all systems were operational and that minimal disturbance was maintained throughout the process.

Since January they have provided constant IT Support to our office as and when we required it, travelling to the office when on-site support was necessary. The phone support has been equally superb. A response is always given and we have never been left waiting for a reply.

BrightCode has ensured that all our IT problems have been solved quickly and efficiently, offering the best and most cost efficient methods.

Overall Brightcode has provided a more than competent and especially attentive support to all our IT needs. They are throughly recommended by all our members of the staff who find them not only helpful but also very approachable.

Should there be any further questions regarding BrightCode's work we would be happy to answer them.

For`and on behalf of Goddards

Mr Wayne Nennstiel. M.C.I.O.B B.A Hons B.Sc.Hons Dip. IOD


To view the testimonal view the IT Support Review by clicking here

Saturday 01 August 2009 Launches New Site has just launched a new version of their already popular website thanks to the help of BrightCode...

They needed a new site for three reasons:

1) To make it easier for visitors to navigate through the website and find the content they are interested in.

2) Allow the website administrators at MOTester to manage the existing and new content more easily.

3) Provide a platform for generating more revenue through advertising.

The new web site is built on BrighCode's popular content management system which provides unbeatable value alongside state of the art management facilities.

As was already an extremely popular website BrightCode faced some search engine optimisation challenges to ensure all of the old pages (including the forum) could be redirected to appropriate pages within the new site structure. This has been achieved by writing bespoke code to handle the redirection of old .html pages into the new content management systems framework whilst also passing any traffic for the forum ( directly to the forum's new home ( which has remained on it's old web hosting platform for the time being.

With BrightCode's assistance in the redesign and with new, organised, page structures, visitors will hopefully agree that the new website makes it much easier to find and view the information they are looking for regarding vehicle MOT's in the UK. Advertisers will also hopefully be more inclined to make use of the space on the MOTester website now that their banners will be surrounded a much more organised and attractive frame. Advetisements may also now be managed by date, location and page providing a vastly improved solution to their requirements.

Visit to have a look round the site.

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