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Bright School - A Brighter Education

Bright School is our intuitive student record system for schools. Designed to bolt on to your existing student record system such as Sims or Integris, BrightSchool is a web portal hosted by BrightCode that interacts securely with your system.

Bright School is not only a cost effective solution that requires no onsite installation, no replacement of your existing student record system and no hardware costs but is also designed to be extremely simple to use for teachers and administrators alike. This system is completely scalable, it works for small education establishments such as primary schools and specialist education centres as well as living up to the requirements of larger schools.

What Can Bright School do for you?

Bright School is packed with features offering excellent value and empowering your teachers with the information and communication that a school needs. Key Features include:

Managing Attendance:
Bright School allows teachers to fill in their registers online directly in their classroom. No need for paper registers and the school administrator having to re-enter attendance information.

Student Homework and Assignments:
Bright School has integrated within it the ability to issue assignments centrally and allows students to upload their homework via the internet for the teacher to mark.

As every teacher knows the one thing that comes with homework is marking. Students can submit work which is marked by the teacher and the marks are retained against each student with comments. Using the integrated messaging system the student can then be alerted that there is a note on their account with the recent marks.

Effective Reporting:
Bright School has integrated reports providing teachers, admin staff and senior staff with detailed information displayed in the simplest form. Check on individual students, classes, year groups or the school as a whole for attendance and marks with our intuitive reports to help you increase success rates.

Teacher / Parent / Student Interaction:
Bright School integrates access for students, parents and teachers allowing easy communication between the 3 parties. Parents can easily keep an eye on their son or daughters education, the teacher can flag notes for the parents attention and likewise the parent can get in touch with the teacher at the touch of a button.

Improving Communication:
Bright School challenges typical methods of communication. There is no longer any need to fill in paper registers, paper memos, paper anything. Simply use the integrated messaging system to add notes for the attention of students, parents or even a senior teacher. This functionality can be the step forward your school needs for paperless communication.

Admin staff can easily update and notify teachers instantly if a student is absent or missing, staff can add a note for IT about a faulty computer or report a problem to a caretaker, flag something for the head teachers attention and the head teacher can get an instant message out to all teaching staff.

Data Security

Keeping data about your students secure is imperative. Brightschool works over a secure 256 bit encrypted data connection to our server and only contains the following information: student id, firstname, surname and date of birth

Secure Hosting

Our servers are situated in a secure 24 hour manned dedicated hosting centre. Full backups are run nightly in the event of a disaster and all data is transmitted over secure VPN connection. See our web hosting page for more information on the infrastructure and platform your schools information will be stored in.